10 seconds a day…it’s working! Escape Code is #4!

YOGA-000000046Your daily votes are working! Escape Code is now ranked #4 in the nation according to USA Today!

Amy and I want to THANK YOU for your awesome support! It means so much to our family!!

We started this exciting business two years ago, and to think of where we are now is humbling—and it’s ALL because of YOU!

10 seconds a day is all it takes!

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Go to www.escapecode.tv/vote and vote for Escape Code as the best escape room in the nation, and then SHARE the link with everybody you know!

I just voted myself, and was surprised to see that we jumped from #6 yesterday to #4 today! All of our worthy competitors ranked #5 to #1 are HUGE markets, so we'll need to keep working hard to see small town Branson reach the top spot!

THANKS SO MUCH to all of our Escape Code family for enjoying this nation wide competition with us!


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