Escape Code




You may be paired with other players. However, if you purchase at least FIVE tickets in an EMPTY room, the reservation will become private and your group will play alone. Keep in mind, if you book five or more in a room that already has other players, the room will remain open unless the maximum capacity is met. Rest assured that whether you play on your own or with new friends, you will have an amazing adventure!


Please keep in mind that the game is a live event, so once the booking is confirmed, refunds or cancellations are not allowed. You may reschedule your game at any time prior to 24 hours before your reservation. Games may not be rescheduled on the day of your reservation.


GUI (Gaming Under the Influence) is not allowed. Escape Code endeavors to maintain a fun, family environment. For the sake of the experience of our other guests and in the interest of our family first mission, any member of a group that is under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to play. The game will not be rescheduled and a refund will not be given.



Sign in and game briefing begin promptly 15 minutes prior to your scheduled game. Please keep this in mind when making your reservation. A late arrival does put your reservation in jeopardy. The game will not be rescheduled and a refund will not be given. Thank you for helping us keep the games playing right on schedule!


Online bookings cannot be made less than two hours prior to game time.

If it is less than two hours before the time you'd like to play, you can call us to check availability and book over the phone at 417.365.7999.


Games are priced at $28.99 per player. Children aged five and under are free.

Our weekly schedule is tied to the various tourist seasons throughout the year. To see what days and times games are available, view the calendar below.


Children five and under can play for free. Children aged fourteen and under must have a paid adult in the game room with them. Children between the ages of fifteen and seventeen can play in the room alone but must be signed in by a parent.


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