Merry Christmas from Escape Code!

Merry Christmas to all of our friends from Escape Code!

First, we accidently sent one of our ministry emails to our Escape Code list. We apologize!

We juggle both business and ministry and at times there’s some overlap, some intentional and some accidental!

Amy and I along with the staff at Escape Code want to wish you the most wonderful of Christmas seasons.

We have a special gift for you too!

You can save 15% on any game by using the code SAVE15NOW.


In early 2017 we will be opening three new rooms! Two of them remain a surprise and one has already been announced:



An uneasy tycoon barricaded himself inside his company’s maintenance closet where he spent the remainder of his life guarding his valuables. His will stipulates that whoever can access his lair and discover his plunder within one hour may keep the spoils. Those that try and fail will be locked inside to live out the rest of their days within the Sanctum!


We will be open Monday, December 26th through Sunday, January 8th.

We’ll then be open weekends only through January.

See you soon at Escape Code!

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