Escape Code New Staff Orientation Test

MM slash DD slash YYYY
We want our guest's experience to be(Required)
We should stay with our guests in the lobby after check-in(Required)
(NOTE: Once guests are in one of our two prep rooms, we do not have to stay with them, but should monitor their readiness and get their game started as soon as possible.)
Smiling and professionalism are both(Required)
Eating can be done(Required)
In order to help our guests feel better, it's okay to lie to them about how they did.(Required)
If guests are disappointed and end the game on a low note, you should(Required)
Is it ever acceptable to talk about customer issues in front of other guests?(Required)
Using foul language among co-workers if no guests are in the building is okay.(Required)
Proper spelling and grammar whether game guiding or responding to emails is(Required)
It's okay to have our backs turned on the screens so we can talk with our co-workers while game guiding.(Required)
Perfect resets with no reset errors are(Required)
I understand we need all hands on deck especially during holiday seasons and typical busy times in Branson. Time off requests may not be approved.(Required)
Time off requests are always approved(Required)
Phones can be out and used(Required)
It's important to download the Telegram app onto your personal device.(Required)
Reading or doing homework while game guiding is(Required)
We are ______________ ______________ to have you on the team.(Required)