Escape Code is Branson’s first escape room—a live action game experience.
You might be wondering, "What is an escape room?" It’s pretty simple—and thrilling. After a video briefing about their impending adventure, teams are escorted into a themed room. The story comes alive as they search for clues, keys and codes, solve puzzles and riddles and attempt to solve the mystery, eventually leading to the escape code.

What we need

Staffing needs vary, though most typically we are looking for Game Guides. If another position was advertised, follow the same procedure as outlined for Game Guides.
Game Guides are responsible for the guest experience from the time a team enters the door until we thank them for visiting us at the end of the game. 

Specifically a Game Guide will:

  • Greet guests as they enter the building with passion and energy!
  • Check them in via our booking system. 
  • Brief them about the rules, game strategy and story. 
  • Answer any questions they may have. 
  • Closely monitor their game via audio and video from the control room. 
  • Communicate with them as needed during the game. 
  • Greet them as they exit their game room. Celebrate with them if they won or explain the ending of the game if they lost. 
  • Thank them for spending time with us and sell any product as necessary. 
  • Quickly reset the room for the next team. Speed and extreme attention to detail is mandatory.
Additionally, staff is responsible for cleaning the property as needed to ensure an atmosphere of excellence is maintained.

The prime candidate will:

  • Smile a lot, know how to have fun and enjoy interacting with people. 
  • Have a strong work ethic understanding that our business keeps an extremely tight schedule (being late won’t cut it). 
  • Be detail oriented. 
  • Have a steady work history.
  • Be able to resolve unexpected problems as they arise. 
  • Be able to multi-task. 
  • Have fantastic communication skills. 
  • Have at least basic computer knowledge. (Sending emails, basic troubleshooting when apps or computers aren't functioning properly, etc.)

Where is Escape Code?

  • 4560 Gretna Road, Branson, Missouri, 65616
    We are located in the Shoppes at Branson Meadows.

How to apply:

  • Fill out the application below.
  • If we feel you may be a good fit for our company we will contact you for an interview.

Employment Application